Continuing and Professional Education - Rubric

Continuing and Professional Education - Rubric

The Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Rubric is tailored to assist in the design and evaluation of instructor-led, mentored, or self-managed online and blended courses that have pass/fail, skills-based or other completion or certification criteria, but do not carry academic credit.

How Do I Obtain Access to the Rubric?

The fully annotated Continuing and Professional Education Rubric is available with Basic and Individual Subscription Options. Institutions and organizations with current QM Higher Education or other subscriptions may add a subscription to the CPE Rubric for $500. 

Download the Standards from the QM Continuing and Professional Education Rubric**.

The Quality Matters Course Format Chart provides definitions for online, blended, and face-to-face courses and explains how the QM review process is used in each case.

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When Do I Use the Rubric?

The Continuing and Professional Education Rubric (CPE Rubric) is intended for the design and evaluation of online and blended courses—facilitated, mentored, or self-managed—that may have pass/fail, skills-based, or other completion or certification criteria but do not carry academic credit.  Based on this definition, the rubric may be used to evaluate and improve college-based, non-credit courses; massive open online courses (MOOCs); and professional training and personal development courses offered by various sponsors, including businesses, professional and vocational organizations and associations, government agencies, and special-interest societies.  There is no limit to the course-sponsoring organizations and courses to which this rubric is applicable.  Additionally, courses to which it applies may be either instructor led or self-paced; either way they must be structured and have completion criteria.  

How Was the Rubric Developed?

This edition of the rubric was developed in collaboration with the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), through the participation of the UPCEA Mid-Atlantic Regional organization.  A joint QM/UPCEA Steering Committee and Working Group was established. Over a 12-month period, the Steering Committee defined the range of courses to which the CPE Rubric would apply, approved the Rubric development plan, and appointed the working group. The working group sponsored a preliminary set of non-credit course reviews based on the existing QM Higher Education Rubric, Fifth Edition conducted a fit-gap analysis of the results of the preliminary reviews, and added annotations to the Rubric wherever the standard annotation did not adequately address the elements of non-credit courses. The revised Rubric was then tested on a range of non-credit courses, and the joint committee approved some further fine tuning. Once approved by the Steering Committee, the CPE Rubric was reviewed and endorsed by the Quality Matters Academic Advisory Council.

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