Continuing and Professional Education Program

Continuing and Professional Education Program

QM CPE Rubric workbook coverThe Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Rubric, Second Edition, a research- and best practices-supported tool, guides the design and review of online and blended non-credit courses. The design of your corporate training, lifelong learning, teacher professional development, and competency-based courses can benefit from use of the CPE Rubric Standards.

As of 2015, we’ve widened the Rubric’s focus to include competency-based education (CBE) and reflect continuing research in online and blended learning regarding non-credit courses. There is also a portal to allow for digital access to the annotated Rubric and standards. Lastly, we have a detailed workbook designed to assist with your use of the Rubric.

QM helps organizations create and sustain a successful Continuing and Professional Education program by providing a framework based on research and best practices. Learn more about the CPE Rubric’s development.

Why Use the CPE Rubric? QM CPE Standards help organizations:

  • Ensure maximum return on investment in course development with well-designed courses that deliver expected results
  • Improve the design of academic non-credit, professional training and personal development courses in a cost-effective way
  • Create well-structured courses with research-based standards to engage learners
  • Ensure learning is effective and meets course objectives
  • Earn a nationally recognized quality assurance credential with courses’ QM Certification
  • Learn design strategies to develop a replicable approach to course development
  • Submit courses for review by expert reviewers

A CPE Subscription includes:

  • Online access to the annotated Rubric and Standards
  • Reduced costs for professional development related to improved course quality and design
  • A workbook for use in course design and professional development
  • Reduced costs for QM-led course reviews

Once a Subscription is in place, CPE subscribers will appoint Quality Matters Coordinators to:

  • Lead the implementation of the Rubric processes and procedures
  • Act as their organization’s QM liaison for course reviews and other learning opportunities
  • Spread the word about QM implementation and professional development

Learn more about CPE Subscription Fees and Benefits.

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