Continuing and Professional Education Program

Continuing and Professional Education Program

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About the Continuing and Professional Education Rubric

The Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Rubric is tailored to assist in the design and evaluation of instructor-led, mentored, or self-managed online and blended courses that have pass/fail, skills-based or other completion or certification criteria, but do not carry academic credit. 

Rubric Use
Courses this Rubric may be used to design, improve, or evaluate include school- and college-based non-credit courses; massive open online courses (MOOCs); and professional training and personal development courses offered by various sponsors, including businesses, professional and vocational organizations and associations, government agencies and special-interest societies.

Pilot Phase
Three courses met Quality Matters standards during the CPE Rubric pilot phase: the eLearning Designer/Facilitator course, developed by the Center for eLearning at Florida Atlantic University; the Online Instructor Certification course, developed by Lynnda Brown and Jennifer Campbell at Tulsa Community College; and the Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees course, developed by Katherine Brandt and Suzanne Driessen at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. 

The CPE Rubric was developed in collaboration with the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), through the participation of the UPCEA Mid-Atlantic Regional organization. 

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