Captioning Videos

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Captioning Videos

Get hands on experience with captioning videos using commonly available tools.
Course Length:
2 hour
Delivery Mode:
Virtual (Synchronous)
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Fee (Single Registration):

The “Captioning Videos” workshop explores how to use YouTube and Amara to quickly and easily add closed captioning to videos. Closed captioning your videos will not only benefit learners with disabilities but can improve learning for learners with a range of other needs or strengths. During the workshop, you'll add closed captions to a video you are currently using or want to include in your course. Participants need a YouTube account prior to the workshop and need to have a video uploaded to their account to close caption. For Amara, participants need to have an account created and the URL of a video they want to close caption for a course they are teaching. Note: Each individual must register separately for the workshop.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the importance of closed captioning your videos.
  • Explain the difference between open captioning, closed captioning, and subtitles.
  • Explain how to closed caption a video using YouTube or Amara.

Ability to Read and Write Standard Business English

What Participants Need
  • Headset
  • 2 hours of focused time
Synchronous Session Info

Enrollment Requirements: 10 minimum - 20 maximum per session

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Offered as Online Workshop for a Group:
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Virtual or On-Site Group Session Fee with Membership:
$1,500.00 (See details)
Virtual or On-Site Group Session Fee:
$2,000.00 (See details)