K-12 Training License

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K-12 Training License

Organizations with a K-12 Basic or Consortium Membership can save money on professional development costs by getting staff certified to facilitate Applying the QM K-12 Secondary Rubric (K-12 APP) workshop and deliver unlimited sessions online.
Add to K-12 Basic or Consortium
Train your staff to deliver K-12 APP
Allows for online facilitation of K-12 APP to your own organization or across a consortium.

Once you have certified K-12 Online Facilitators in place, you can offer your own online K-12 APP workshops. The K-12 Online Facilitator Certification includes preparation, navigation, management, and assessment of the K-12 APP workshop.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Facilitator candidate(s) must have completed the K-12 APP workshop
  2. Facilitator candidate(s) must have completed the K-12 Reviewer Course
  3. Organization has current K-12 Training License
  4. Organization approves K-12 Online Facilitator Certification (OFC) course enrollment(s)
  5. QM Coordinator and K-12 OFC participant(s) must sign and submit the Participant Confidentiality and Facilitator Responsibilities document within three days of the start of the certification course session
  6. Participants receive K-12 OFC Certification and begin facilitating K-12 APP online workshops

Simply fill out the form on this page to get your license in place and then inform your facilitator candidates.