Creating Accessible Word Documents (PC only)

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Creating Accessible Word Documents (PC only)

Focus on creating an accessible syllabus using MS Word on the PC platform.
Course Length:
1 hour
Delivery Mode:
Online (Synchronous)
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The "Creating Accessible Word Documents" workshop explores how to create accessible documents using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processing applications. Instructors use Microsoft Word to share documents with their learners but may not be aware of the accessibility issues students with disabilities can encounter in documents that are not developed appropriately using "styles, alternative text, table formatting, and more." You will learn how to use accessibility features in Microsoft Word to create an accessible Syllabus.

Learning Objectives
  • Apply "Styles" for Microsoft Word documents
  • Apply alternative text and captions to images
  • Format tables & hyperlinks to meet accessibility guidelines
  • Use the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Word (PC only)


What Participants Need
  • Headset
  • 1 hour of focused time
Synchronous Session Info

Enrollment Requirements: 10 minimum - 20 maximum per session

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Offered as F2F Dedicated
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