QM Live! Alignment Series

Teamwork isn’t just for people. It’s for courses too! This set of web conferencing workshops focuses on critical course components including course and module-level objectives, assessments, instructional materials, activities and tools that need to work together — need to align — in order to ensure that students achieve desired learning outcomes. These workshops can be offered as dedicated sessions for your group. Simply choose the workshop(s) you'd like to offer and contact QM's Professional Development Registrar to set up the time and date. A minimum of ten participants is required and each participant must access the session separately. Each participant will need their own computer/laptop and headset.

Developing skills for creating and ensuring the alignment of course elements with objectives can assist in improving a course to meet QM Standards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 — and it shows commitment to creating quality learning environments.

Fee with Membership
$100.00 per workshop
$125.00 per workshop
Additional Information
  • These sessions are interactive and require that each participant log in on their own computer and use a headset. 
  • Choose one or several sessions for your group of 10-20 participants to achieve your goals with aligning course elements.
  • Dedicated sessions can be set up for a time and date that is convenient for your group. You can also create your own series by selecting sessions from different categories. 
  • Fee is per participant, with a minimum of 10 per workshop.