How was the QM/iNACOL Derived Standards Report developed?

The Quality Matters K-12 Secondary and K-12 Publisher Rubrics have, since their inception, been aligned with the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses. In an effort to address the need for a report reflecting an online course’s ratings when reviewed against iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Courses, QM’s K-12 Program began the process of developing a derived iNACOL Standards Report in the fall of 2014.

With the help of subscribing K-12 Publisher members EdmentumApex Learning, and FLVS Global, QM identified four courses to use in the project. Each course underwent an Official QM K-12 Course Review. These QM K-12 Publisher Review teams consisted of three certified QM Reviewers, two of whom were subject matter experts. Once the QM Reviews were completed, QM Reviewers well-versed in both iNACOL and QM Standards were then selected to serve on the iNACOL Standard Reviews of the same courses. QM used the customizable web-based rubric tool, My Custom Reviews (MyCR), populated with iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Courses, to conduct these reviews. For each course, one reviewer served on both the official QM Course Review, and iNACOL Review. Results from both reviews were compiled and compared against the iNACOL – QM K-12 Rubric Alignment Document. Final report analysis looked for consistent outcomes among aligned standards. Any standards proving to have inconsistent scores among all four course reviews were then revisited in terms of their alignment. The end result is a product that reflects an iNACOL Standards review rating as derived from an official QM Course Review.

When reading the report, please note that there may be multiple QM Standards which contribute to the derived score on the iNACOL report. Likewise, there may be some iNACOL standards which the derived report does not address, such as those in Section E, which address course evaluation and support- since the QM Rubric addresses only course design and not data gathering efforts to evaluate the course after delivery.   


Thanks to the following organizations who lent their courses for the purposes of this special review project: Edmentum, APEX, and FLVS Global.  Thanks to the following QM Course Reviewers, for their work in reviewing these courses against both the QM K-12 Publisher Rubric (Third Edition, 2014), and the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses (Version 2, Oct. 2011): Christy Cleugh, Melissa Davis, Krissy Machamer, Tammy Muschweck, Ketsana Phommalee, and Suzanne Scheffler.