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Higher Ed Program > Course Reviews

Quality Matters promotes a peer review process and provides a database of qualified QM Peer Reviewers eligible for assignment to a peer review team. Any subscribing institution may conduct internal or informal reviews or contract with Quality Matters to conduct an official review. Official Subscriber-Managed course reviews may be conducted only by eligible subscribers. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric Standards in an official (Subscriber-Managed or QM-Managed) course review are eligible for QM recognition.

Want to Have a Course Reviewed?

Course Reviews may be contracted on a course by course basis. Read about preparing for a Quality Matters Course Review which provides course preparation guidelines and the steps in an Official QM-Managed Course Review. Please read this before completing a Course Review Application. You may contact our QM Review Coordinator for more information.

An official course review must meet the following criteria:

  • Use of current QM Standards
  • Review of online or blended (hybrid) course
  • Three-person peer review team
  • All reviewers are eligible QM-Certified Peer Reviewers
  • At least one reviewer is external to the institution submitting the course
  • At least one reviewer is designated as subject matter expert
  • Team Chair is a QM Master Reviewer

Want to be a Peer Reviewer?

A Quality Matters Peer Reviewer:

Eligibility requirements to become a QM Certified Peer Reviewer*:

  1. Successful completion of the Applying the QM Rubric Workshop and the Peer Reviewer Course.
  2. Current for-credit online teaching experience (within the last 18 months).
  3. Complete an Application and a Memo of Understanding.  Submit to QM.
  4. Be a current Higher Education Subscriber (Affiliated with an institutional subscriber or Individual Subscription)

*Instructors who teach "web-enhanced" courses only are not eligible nor are Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Contact the Director, Quality Assurance if you have any questions.

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