"X" Marks The Spot - A Search For Hidden Treasures For Your Online Course

Would you turn down FREE hidden treasures that create excitement in your online course delivery? This session will uncover the buried treasure of publisher resources that are available to online instructors. Instructors and designers simply need a treasure map to lead them where “X Marks The Spot”. This session will reveal how to blend hidden publisher treasures into your current course content. If you seek such secrets; I say,  “Argh Matey, welcome aboard!” 
  • The Audience Will Discuss Pros and Cons Of Using An Outside LMS With Their Course
    (WebAssign / MyPearsonLab)
  • The Audience Will Know The Type Of Resources Their Publishers May Offer
  • The Audience Will Learn Locations For Course Resources, Tools and Tech Support From Two Major Publishers
    Cengage Resources
    Pearson Resources
  • The Audience  Will Understand Copyright Statements 

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