Is there research related to the impact of QM, and, if so, what does it say?

A good place to get a snapshot of research on the impact of QM is the QM Impact Summary. This summary gives the context in which research has been (and should be) done on QM along with a few brief examples of the impact of QM professional development and course reviews. The QM Research printable flyer cites several studies that represent the types of effects QM implementation has had at individual institutions. In addition, QM Research Resources is a curated catalog of studies on QM impact, publications and presentations on QM programs and services, and publications on the QM grant initiative.

Educational research is challenging and requires the investigator to account for many variables in the research study design, of which QM implementation is only one. Further, implementation of QM itself can vary greatly from one organization to another. In higher education, due to the current absence of reliable data on post-degree-completion jobs and earnings, evidence of student outcomes often includes: 

  • Course persistence and completion
  • Final course grades
  • GPA
  • Persistence through program completion

To date, some findings on the effects of QM implementation on students at individual institutions include: