What is QM Research?

Research is an integral part of QM. The original QM Rubric and review process were developed from best practices supported by research. Today, the term "QM Research" relates to several different types of resources: 

  • Research that supports the QM Rubric and process
  • Research that discusses its use 
  • Research that focuses on its impact

QM has staff members who work with QM research to collect it, shape it, communicate it, and guide those who are interested in it. The Research section of the QM website is an excellent starting point to get oriented to the available resources and includes a printable flyer for local sharing with colleagues. And QM’s annual conference — QM Connect — is a great place to find out about QM research and have discussions with the QM Director of Research and the QM Research Colleagues. Specific questions about QM research can be submitted to research@qualitymatters.org