What is the recommended pathway for QM professional development?

First, we need to know:

Do you currently teach online?

  • YES
    Excellent! QM has two workshops that would be perfect for you:
    1. Applying the QM Rubric is Quality Matters’ flagship workshop and is the prerequisite for the Peer Reviewer Course. This workshop provides an overview of the QM Rubric Standards, peer review process and Quality Matters.
    2. Improving Your Online Course provides a focused look at the Essential Specific Review Standards in the QM HE Rubric so you can incorporate improvements to your current online course(s).
  • NO
    Okay. Then let’s get started with one of our three introductory workshops:
    1. Teaching Online: An Introduction to Online Delivery (TOL): Examine the differences between traditional classroom and online learning; the instructor’s role in the online classroom; the importance of engaging students, and keeping them engaged; and the various methods of facilitating online discussions using the discussion board.
    2. Designing Your Online Course (DYOC): Learn how to develop your overall course organization and create a plan for your first module. 
    3. Designing Your Hybrid Course (DYHC): In this course you will create a plan for designing a hybrid course. Gain the skills to develop a plan for not only what happens inside the classroom, but outside as well.