Implementing High Impact Practices on Campus and Online: Research, Resources, and Requests


High impact educational practices (HIPs) are touted for their association with student retention and engagement; however, implementation of these practices at most institutions is “unsystematic” (Kuh, 2008, p. 9). To address this concern, my institution is developing an intentional approach to foster faculty engagement with HIPs with the goal of embedding them across the curriculum. This initiative has led to the development of resources to support faculty and staff work in HIPs including a review of research, revealing significant gaps in what we know about them. This session will summarize research on HIPs, analyze the dependent variables measured in this work, and provide recommendations for future research and collaboration. An online document of research regarding each HIP (i.e., student research, capstones, ePortfolios, internships, writing intensive courses, service-learning, and diversity and global learning) will be shared with attendees with a request to contribute additional research citations to expand this resource to facilitate HIP initiatives across our institutions.

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