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Implementing quality assurance in online learning? You're not alone. Quality Matters has been adopted throughout the United States, Canada and in many other countries.
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Quality Matters is an international, inter-institutional program. QM's quality assurance processes are designed to certify the design of online and blended courses.
Professional Development and Certifications

QM offers workshops and certifications for educators and other professionals.
QM Research

The Quality Matters Rubric is centered in research and is based on a review of the literature, the expertise of experienced practitioners, instructional design principles and existing standard sets.  QM provides many other research-based resources for quality assurance.
Quality Standards

QM provides quality benchmarks and rubrics to improve the design of online courses in higher education, K-12 education, educational publishing, and continuing and professional education.
Course Reviews

Quality Matters promotes a continuous improvement model supported by a database of professionally trained, community-based QM peer reviewers eligible for assignment to peer review teams. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric standards in an official course review are eligible to carry the QM certification mark.



Quality Matters in Online Learning. We believe

Instructors should have opportunities to learn and collaborate with peers in the design and review of their courses.

Get tips on how a Review Team can prepare for a Course Review.

Quality Matters in Online Learning. We believe

All students should be afforded well-designed courses that help them achieve their learning goals.

Discover how research shows that course design affects learning outcomes.

Quality Matters in Online Learning. We believe

Institutions should demonstrate their own pathways for quality assurance and continuous improvement.

The QM process is set up to empower your success, and is embodied in our core values.

Quality Matters in Online Learning. We believe

Courses and programs should meet national benchmarks for quality.

QM has Standards for Higher Education, K-12, Publishers and Continuing and Professional Education to assist with your quality course design.


QM Regional Conferences

There's still time to register for the Northwest Regional Conference.

The Regional conferences offer opportunities for learning, collaboration and networking. Come engage with us:

Submit Your Presentation Proposal for the QM Annual Conference

QM 2015 Annual Conference Badge

Our Call for Proposals is open! Submit yours by Friday, May 8.

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New Awards and Recognitions for 2015

The call for entries for the QM Awards: Making a Difference for Students is just around the corner. Start thinking about Institutions and Individuals you'd like to nominate and check out the new category for the K-12 Award along with recognition for conference posters and Course Reviewer excellence.

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See QM at these Events

QM Executive Director, Ron Legon, and Director of Technology and Chief Information Officer, Julie Henn, will present "Adapting a Web-Based Tool to Streamline Internal Quality Assurance Processes" along with Yaping Gao, Broward College.


QM Research Colleagues Announced for 2015!

Since 2013, the Research Colleagues (RCs) have worked closely with the Director of Research to track, document, and analyze scholarly research that informs the continuing reflection and improvement of the QM Standards.

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Research and Resources

Quality Matters has a wealth of information and tools for finding answers in today’s literature. Everyday, education researchers ask important questions about online learning — Start collaborating:

  1. Research Toolkit
  2. Research Library
  3. QM Research
  4. LinkedIn Group

QM Instructional Designers Association

QM IDA logoThe QM IDA is made up of QM-subscribed instructional designers from all over the country who are passionate about course design and want to share ideas and best practices with others. Join in the conversation on their website.

(Please note, to become part of the QM IDA, you will need a MyQM account, current individual or other subscription, and an approved application.)

QM eLearning Marketplace

Check out this free, searchable database built to serve the broad QM community with an easy-to-use eLearning product/service directory organized within the 8 general standards of the rubric in addition to user and product categories.


QM Rubric Standards

Create a MyQM account or sign in to access PDFs of these non-annotated Rubric Standards:

Are Your Courses QM-Certified?

Quality course design can help with student learning. You can get started with a course review by a certified team of QM reviewers for your Higher Ed, K-12, K-12 Publisher, Higher Ed Publisher or CPE courses. (Subscription recommended, but not required.)

QM can show you how to:

Contact our Course Review team for more information.

Become a QM-Certified Peer Reviewer!

Peer Reviewers promote continuous quality improvement by improving their OWN courses, as well as those across an institution.

Being a Peer Reviewer is a great opportunity to learn from other reviewers, gain valuable leadership experience, earn extra income, and get recognition from peers for your individual contributions.

QM has Professional Development offerings leading to certification as a reviewer in each of our five program areas. Become a Peer Reviewer by starting with either the Higher Ed or K-12 pathway. Both entail:

  • Completing a workshop on Applying the QM Rubric
  • Completing a Reviewer course
  • Completing Final Eligibility steps

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Learning Opportunities

QM has professional development available regularly for both QM Subscribers and Non-Subscribers. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • Web Conferencing Workshops: Spring Into Action
    Join us for the April and May sessions for Higher Ed. and K-12 focused on Accessibility.

■ Coming up in Higher Ed

■ Coming up in K-12

New for Subscribers

QM is constantly improving all that we do to support Subscribers in creating quality online learning.

Recent Updates:

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"I really do believe this was one of, and possibly THE BEST education-related conferences I’ve ever attended."— Patti Huber, Madison College (on attending the Annual QM Conference)
"… Bravo! I am so excited to implement and share what I have learned. …"— Myra George, Milwaukee Area Technical College (on participating in QM Higher Education Winter Institute)
"…We all left the retreat invigorated and so excited to try out new ideas.…"— Wendy Bass, Pierce College (regarding onsite professional development)
"…The faculty thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found the content to be very helpful.…"— Tracie O. Lewis, Ph.D., North Carolina A&T  (regarding a Face-to-Face workshop)