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October 25 - 28, 2020
St. Louis, MO

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Bringing Quality Into Focus

Quality is a top priority for online and blended learners. It’s your priority, too. Each day, you are Bringing Quality Into Focus — creating clear paths to success in the online classroom and preparing students for their futures. That work takes many forms. You implement new ideas, conduct research, uncover best practices, solicit feedback, create a culture of quality, engage in course reviews, and more! Now it is time to share what you are doing and help your colleagues bring quality into focus in 2020.


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  • Research & Documentation

    Demonstrate how research helps you bring quality into focus. From formal research that uses a research question and methodology to the deliberate documentation of your quality assurance efforts and their results, proposals in this concentration should highlight how you:

    • Collect data for analysis
    • Chronicle and analyze data
    • Use data to inform your online and blended learning goals
    • Encourage faculty research projects
    • Support the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Certification, Regulation & Accreditation

    Showcase how Quality Matters course- and program-level certifications support your vision for student success as well as your accreditation efforts. Topics to cover include: 

    • Case studies on QM course and program reviews
    • Insight into how QM aids the accreditation process
    • An examination of the roles assessment and continuous improvement play in certification and accreditation
    • Specific efforts related to structuring faculty expectations
    • Policies and procedures that promote student success
  • Theory to Practice

    Highlight your efforts related to learning science — what is known about how people learn — and how you are moving that knowledge from theory to practice. Proposals in this concentration should include concrete examples that demonstrate how you are implementing QM/QA in courses and programs. Share your innovative ideas and best practices related to:

    • Equity in teaching and learning
    • Merging modalities for teaching and learning (e.g., online to blended to F2F)
    • Instructional practice 
    • Open educational resources
    • Open pedagogy
    • Busting learning myths
  • Foreseeing the Future

    Break out your crystal ball and put the focus on the challenges, trends and opportunities for the future. Share where your quality assurance program is going next. What issues are on the horizon? Potential solutions? Bring your vision for:

    • The leadership process in quality assurance
    • Implementation plans
    • Online student services
    • Gaining institutional support
    • Professional development
    • Marketing
    • The professionalization of instructional designers
    • Collaborations between institutions/programs
  • Teaching Strategies that Facilitate Learning

    Dive into the critical topic of teaching and disclose how your institution is affirming quality teaching and design. Share how you — or your institution — are addressing one or more of the following:

    • Instructional practices
    • Design and delivery of online and blended courses
    • Emerging trends
    • Instructional application of student-centered design
    • Evaluation of teaching 
    • Strategies that support academic rigor, from both from the instructor and learner viewpoints
  • QA by Design: Tools

    Reveal the tools, software and applications you use to support your focus on quality course design. Proposals in this concentration should discuss:

    • The intentional use of technology tools
    • Course design strategies and tips
    • Tools that help courses meet the QM Standards
    • Policies around tool choices
  • Access & Responsible Use

    Help others tackle the tough issues around the proper use of information, including access to information and using it legally and ethically. Share your practical approaches to:

    • Accessibility
    • FERPA
    • Copyright and fair use
    • Digital information literacy
  • Celebrating Success

    Shine the spotlight on what’s working. Proposals in this concentration should focus on success stories — how you or your institution are bringing quality into focus — and provide attendees with a path forward. Ideas to share include:

    • The certification process
    • Professional development
    • Faculty/instructor involvement
    • How you are promoting quality assurance at your institution
    • Collaborative adventures

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“Presenting at QM felt like I had finally reached the next level of my professional process. Learning and collaborating with colleagues from across the nation was a fresh breath of inspiration and motivation to creating new pathways for growth and innovation at my institution.”
Maikel Alendy
Florida International University
“Presenting at this conference allowed me to look at [my] materials in a whole new light.”
Karina Ocampo
Florida International University Online