Workshop & Course Descriptions

Workshop & Course Descriptions

QM Professional Development Opportunities

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Professional Development Workshops

Quality Matters offers both workshops and certification courses that lead to titled roles. The following workshops have no prerequisites and can be taken by anyone who is interested in improving the quality of online course design, and how to start teaching online.

Quality Matters Certifications
Online Certification Courses

All Quality Matters certification courses are rigorous and time intensive. Participants should be aware that certification courses are not workshops and have more demands in terms of assignments and assessments of learning. Facilitators determine your readiness to hold QM roles based on the work completed in these certification courses. Ample time should be set aside for each certification course. QM recommends that only one certification course be taken at a time. The Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) workshop is the prerequisite for the Peer Reviewer Course (PRC).

QM LIVE! Web Conferencing Workshops
"QM Live!" web conferencing workshops are designed to be highly interactive, resource-packed professional development opportunities that fit into your busy schedule.  Learn more!

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Want to see a sample of one of our courses?  Review a SoftChalk lesson here from the Applying the Quality Matters workshop.