Course Review Manager Certification (CRMC)

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Course Review Manager Certification (CRMC)

Get prepared to conduct Subscriber-Managed Reviews at your institution.
Course Length:
2 weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
Fee with Membership:

Please refer to the Schedule & Checklist for more information on course requirements.

The Course Review Manager Certification is designed for QM Coordinators who intend to conduct Subscriber-Managed Reviews at their institutions. Topics covered include an in-depth look at the QM Course Review Management System (CRMS), including the application process that starts a review (including the Course Worksheet), how to select and assign QM Peer Reviewers, management of the review outcome and amendment process, and how to use course review reports.

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify roles and responsibilities associated with Subscriber-Managed Reviews.
  2. Identify policies and procedures associated with Subscriber-Managed Reviews.
  3. Use the Course Review Management System (CRMS) to conduct Subscriber-Managed Reviews.
  4. Use reports provided by Quality Matters to access data related to course reviews.
  1. QM Coordinator role
  2. Successful completion of the QM Coordinator Training
  3. Institution subscription must be on Full or System subscription, (not a Basic subscription)
What Participants Need

Participants can expect to spend approximately 8-10 hours per week to complete this course.

Offered as Online Dedicated
Offered as F2F Dedicated
Special Notes

Upon successful completion of this course and submission of the Course Review Manager application, the $100 fee associated with Subscriber-Managed Reviews will be waived for reviews managed by an individual maintaining the Course Review Manager role. The Course Review Manager managing the review must be assigned to that review upon submission of the Course Review Application in order for the fee to be waived.