QM Coach Certification (QMCC)

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QM Coach Certification (QMCC)

Become a QM Coach and share Quality Matters with your students.
Course Length:
Two weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
Fee with Membership:

The QM Coach Certification course enables faculty who are existing QM Peer Reviewers or K-12 Reviewers to share their knowledge of the QM Rubric by integrating it into their courses and curricula. The Coach Certification course covers the logistics needed to support students in their purchase of discounted individual subscriptions, how QM for Students works, the Student Modules for each QM program, and a lesson and curriculum plan for integrating QM.

After completing this course, QM Coaches are added to the Coaches Huddle — an online community of faculty who are teaching about QM.

Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the QM for Students program
  2. Explain how students purchase discounted individual subscriptions
    1. Identify the code your institution is assigned for QM for Students
  3. Differentiate amongst the three available QM Rubrics
  4. Determine integration of QM into the curriculum

Must be a current HE Peer Reviewer or K-12 Reviewer

What Participants Need
  • QM for Students supplemental subscription
  • Prerequisite knowledge of HE or K-12 QM Rubric