K-12 Reviewer Course (K-12 RC)

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K-12 Reviewer Course (K-12 RC)

Prepare to conduct and participate in QM K-12 Course Reviews by completing this course and meeting eligibility requirements for the QM K-12 and K-12 Publisher Reviewer Roles.
Course Length:
Three weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
Fee with Membership:
Fee with Membership: $220.00
Fee: $275.00

Please refer to the Schedule & Checklist for more information on course requirements.

The K-12 Reviewer Course includes a review of Quality Matters, practice critiquing and writing helpful recommendations, and a Practice Review in which participants review specific standards in a simulated online course review using the QM web-based course review system.

A rigorous course, modeled after the expectations of the K-12 and K-12 Publisher Reviewer Roles. After successfully completing this course, participants may be eligible for K-12 Course Reviewer certification by meeting these requirements:

  1. Successful completion of the K-12 Applying the QM Rubric Workshop and the K-12 Reviewer Course.
  2. Current teaching or development experience of an online or blended course (within the last 18 months).
  3. Complete the K-12 Reviewer Applications and a Memo of Understanding.  Submit to QM.

Successful completion of the K-12 Applying the QM Rubric (K-12 APP) workshop

What Participants Need

At least 22 hours total to complete the course requirements.

Offered as Online Dedicated
Offered as F2F Dedicated
Special Notes

Please allow one week between the completion date of the K-12 Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop and the starting date of the K-12 Reviewer Course to ensure your record reflects successful completion of the K-12 APP. 

We offer Graduate Credit for taking this course through Ashland University. Contact us for more information.