Introduction to Quality Matters (INTRO2QM)

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Introduction to Quality Matters (INTRO2QM)

Learn what QM is and how it can help you deliver on your online promise. This two-week, facilitated workshop is ideal for those new to QM or considering a QM membership. Explore why QM is widely considered the gold standard in online quality assurance and how its implementation can support a culture of quality from many avenues.
Course Length:
Two weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
Fee with Membership:

Please refer to the Schedule & Checklist for more information on workshop requirements. Note that the Schedule & Checklist for Independent sessions may vary from the Schedule & Checklist provided here. 

This facilitated workshop introduces participants to the QM Quality Assurance System. A brief overview of QM is provided, followed by an exploration into the question, “Why QM?”. QM Rubrics and the types of course reviews are introduced. The workshop culminates in the development of a personal plan for continued engagement with Quality Matters.

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify basic information about Quality Matters.
  2. Differentiate Quality Matters from other quality assurance options.
  3. Identify basic information about Quality Matters Rubrics and how they are used to review the design of online and blended courses.
  4. Distinguish between Quality Matters course review types.
  5. Select options for continued engagement with Quality Matters.


What Participants Need

At least 6 hours total to complete the workshop requirements.

Offered as Online Dedicated
Offered as F2F Dedicated