Award Criteria: QM Making a Difference for Students Awards

Nomination Information

GENERAL INFORMATION - All nominations must include the following information:
  • Complete contact information for the organization or individual nominated (e.g., name, title, organization, address, phone, email)
  • Contact name and information for individual submitting the nomination
  • Endorsement/countersignature by a senior institutional officer (e.g., president, provost, dean). Self-nominations will be accepted with endorsement.

ELIGIBILITY - Nominees for an award must be employed by a Quality Matters-subscribing institution. 

FORMAT - Each submission should be organized to correspond to the sections described below. Submissions are in MS Word and limited to 5 pages of narrative.

Nomination Criteria

As background information about the initiative, answer the following questions:
  • What was the impetus for the initiative? (Describe the situation prior to the initiative’s implementation.)
  • What was the purpose of the initiative?
  • Who was involved?
  • During what time frame was it implemented?
  • How was it implemented? 
  • Sustainability of the Initiative: How is the initiative being maintained and/or enhanced for continued impact on faculty and on learner outcomes?
Examples that indicate impact on Faculty/Staff/Leadership:
  • “The initiative resulted in 90% of faculty/staff successfully completing professional development for online and blended learning vs. 25% prior to the initiative"
  • "Faculty who completed online training prior to teaching online is now 100% vs 20% prior to the initiative”

Significance of Impact on Faculty/Staff/Leadership: How is the impact described above a significant one for the faculty, staff and leadership outcomes or their experience in online/blended courses?

Examples that indicate impact on Students:
  • “The initiative caused a 25% increase in successful course completion.”
  • "Interviews with learners in the course designed according to the QM Standards were much more positive than those with learners in the equivalent course not designed according to QM Standards and made mention of engagement and ease of navigation where the other course did not.”

Significance of Impact for Students: How is the impact described above a significant one for the institution/organization, program, or course?

Examples that indicate significance on Students:
  • ”Post initiative survey of learners found an 88% rating that their instructor was effective in development and delivering a quality online course experience."
  • "The initiative increased the percent of learners successfully completing the course from 60% to 80%.” 
Ready to create and submit your nomination? Download and complete the form, then submit it through MyQM before the May 18, 2024 deadline.