Award Criteria: The Ron Legon Leadership Award for Quality Assurance in Online Education

Nomination Information

  • Use the online form to submit a nomination. The link will appear on this page during the time frame for which nominations are accepted.
  • Include complete contact information for the individual nominated (e.g., name, title, organization, address, phone, email)
  • Include the contact name and information for the individual submitting the nomination
  • The winner will be notified three months prior to the QM Connect Conference and announced at the Awards Luncheon during the Conference.

ELIGIBILITY - Nominations are open to the general public.

FORMAT - Each submission should be organized to correspond to the sections described below.

Award Criteria

There are many dimensions of effective leadership, and few, if any, leaders possess them all in equal measure.  Indicate all those among the following qualities that merit consideration of the nominee for this prestigious leadership award:
  • Leadership: Must have a minimum of 7 years in leadership positions at academic institutions or organizations related to online learning
  • External Recognitions: Recognized as leaders in online quality assurance
  • Organizational Transformation: Have had a significant impact on online education quality assurance policy and/or practice in higher education, K-12, publishing, and/or continuing education organizations
  • Innovation: Are visionary and innovative, striving to improve the future of online education through quality assurance
  • Continuous Improvement: Have shown a commitment to continuous quality improvement in online education over time
  • External Impact: Have shifted the paradigm of quality assurance in online education beyond their own organization(s)
  • Values and Ethics: Adheres to core values and ethical standards
  • Mentoring: Are exemplary in mentoring future leaders

Required Evidence

Using the online form, you will submit the following items to complete the nomination process:
  1. Curriculum Vitae and/or detailed resume highlighting leadership roles
  2. Nomination cover letter
  3. Evidence documents from experts and mentees that speak to the nominee’s qualifications including:
    • Prior awards and recognitions as a leader in quality assurance in online learning and for service at a regional or national level
    • Contributions and impact on online education quality assurance policy and/or practice with supporting statements from impacted organizations
    • Visionary and innovative quality assurance enhancements to the direction of online education, and relevant assessment by independent recognized authority
    • Contributions to quality assurance efforts that show an ongoing commitment to change over time
    • Paradigm-shifting influence on quality assurance in online education with documented impact on external or industry-wide beliefs and practices
    • Leadership principles and adherence to core values and ethical standards demonstrated by examples drawn from practice
    • Exemplary commitment to mentoring future leaders documented in examples and 2-3 testimonials