2018: A Look Ahead
Dr. Deb Adair, QM Executive Director, shares what's ahead for QM in 2018 and how the QM community is building on its foundation of continuous improvement.
kathleen Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:27
Research Webinar Archives
Available free of charge, view archived recordings of QM-hosted webinar sessions.
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Academic Rigor White Paper 3: Aligning Institutional Processes to Support Academic Rigor
In the third and final installment of our white paper series on academic rigor, invited author Andria F. Schwegler, Associate Professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University – Central Texas explores how institutional processes and support impact the application of academic rigor by faculty. Plus, discover what faculty can do to support academic rigor and how their behaviors, expectations, and interactions with students affect student experiences and academic performance.
kathleen Wed, 10/16/2019 - 17:30

Your Course is QM-Certified! Now What?

Achieving QM Certification for your course is not the end of the process — it’s just the beginning! Sharing the certification with key stakeholders, including students, is an important next step. As the QM Ohio Consortium shares, promoting QM-Certified courses helps differentiate your offerings in a crowded online environment and gets the word out to students about the quality learning experiences your institution provides.

Lessons Learned and Benefits Gained: TAMIU’s QM Certification Story

In 2011, Texas A & M International University began its quality assurance journey. Now, the University leads institutions in Texas with 144 certified courses. Along the way, the University’s team learned some important lessons about the process — lessons the University’s Director of Instructional Technology & Distance Education is now sharing to help others move their own quality assurance journeys forward.
Growing Professionally By Reviewing K-12 Courses
When Matthew Tyler — Instructional Designer and Technologist — wanted to expand his knowledge of current best practices in online course design, he turned to QM. Serving on K-12 Reviews helps him stay abreast of current developments in online learning, network with like-minded individuals and impact student achievement. Discover how being part of the K-12 review process can help meet your professional development needs too.
kathleen Mon, 10/07/2019 - 11:02
Academic Rigor White Paper 2: Contextualizing Academic Rigor
Our in-depth look at academic rigor continues in this second white paper from author Andria F. Schwegler. After establishing a comprehensive definition for academic rigor in her first paper, Andria advances the conversation in this second piece by examining the contexts needed to operationalize it — to put academic rigor into practice. Explore how elements such as course design, course delivery and the real world affect academic rigor, including how those elements support academic rigor and higher-level learning.
kathleen Tue, 10/01/2019 - 12:20

K-12 Publisher On Point With Quality Assurance Efforts

With a course catalog that includes offerings such as “The Future of Space Travel”, K-12 Publisher Pointful Education aims to provide today’s students with meaningful, future-thinking courses. But Pointful recognizes that it takes more than unique content to meet the needs of today’s learners. Find out how they are using QM to deliver the complete package — relevant courses that set students up for success.