Quality is at the table, always.

While there are many different ideas on exactly how education will change in the future, there is near-unanimous agreement that change is coming. In fact, we already see it. So how can you prepare to meet the changes happening now and the ones that are coming? As QM’s Executive Director Dr. Deb Adair shares in her 2020 New Year’s message, bringing quality to the table is an important place to start.

QM Digital Accessibility White Paper Series

This three-part digital accessibility white paper series shares the results of a 2019 survey conducted by Dr. Barbra Frey and Dr. Rae Mancilla. The first paper addresses institutional leaders and administrators. The second paper addresses faculty and instructional designers. The third paper addresses administrators, centers for teaching and learning, and offices of disability services. The research project provides an important follow up to research conducted in 2010 by Dr.Frey and Denise King.

Top Tips for Designing a HyFlex Course

A HyFlex or Hybrid-Flexible course offers many benefits, including the ability to serve both in-person and online students with a limited set of resources. However, creating a HyFlex course requires extensive planning and forethought. Find out how you can do HyFlex right with these tips from Kent State’s Dr. Wendy Tietz and QM’s Director of Research and Innovation Dr. Bethany Simunich.

2020 CHLOE 5 Special Report

See the results from the fifth survey conducted by QM and Eduventures as part of The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) project. This was a special installment of the survey aimed at providing insight into how institutions responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and their plans for moving forward.

From Remote Instruction to Online Design Quality (HE)

Whether you’re building on the work you did for remote instruction or you’re looking to improve the quality of an existing online course, the Bridge to Quality will help get you there! QM’s Online Course Design Guide helps you close gaps between your current course and your vision for its online potential by providing you with a “how-to” guide aimed at achieving QM Higher Ed. Standards.