Team-Based Learning to Facilitate Active Learning in Large-Size Online Courses


Demands on today’s faculty in the classroom seem to be constantly growing. No longer are we expected to just “teach our content”, but we also need to make sure our students are work-force ready, are engaged, supported, and motivated. Oh wait, you need to teach your course online or in a hy-flex model and your class size has doubled? Don't worry, you got this and I'll show you how. In this session my goal is to show you that teaching can still be fun while we try to meet the ever changing needs and expectations of our students. I’m going to take you on my journey of how I transformed a freshman-level majors biology course (100+ students) from a typical lecture-based course to an engaging, student-led learning environment. Using Team-Based LearningTM I not only increased student-led learning during class, but built a sense of community and fostered deeper learning outside of class. I will discuss the basic tenets of TBL and how they have been adapted for synchronous online instruction. I will compare how tools within an LMS, as well as a proprietary software, InteDashboardTM can be used to conduct TBL activities online, looking at both the pros and cons of both. As participants in this workshop, you will get to experience online TBL for yourself.

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