Addressing Accessibility & Usability (Standard 8)

Addressing Accessibility & Usability (Standard 8)

View courses from the perspective of improving accessibility and usability for learners. Get insight on Universal Design for Learning and techniques for creating accessible content.
Online Delivery (Asynchronous)
Course Length:
Two weeks
Virtual Delivery (Synchronous)
Course length:
Four hours
Fee with Membership (Single Registration):
Fee (Single Registration):

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The Addressing Accessibility and Usability workshop provides detailed information about accessibility, usability, readability and how to design courses with all these topics in mind. Information is provided on Universal Design for Learning, challenges learners may encounter, creating accessible content, and designing courses that can be navigated. It is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors who want to understand more about these important topics. This workshop may help you meet the Specific Review Standards in General Standard 8. 

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify the origin and scope of Quality Matters.
  2. Apply the Specific Review Standards in General Standard 8: Accessibility and Usability to online course design.
  3. Describe your institution’s accessibility policies and accommodation services.
  4. Recognize the challenges learners with various disabilities experience with online courses.
  5. Develop navigation schema for online courses.
  6. Develop online content that facilitates readability.
  7. Create web-accessible content.
  8. Locate accessibility statements for technologies used in the course.

Ability to Read and Write Standard Business English

What Participants Need

Online option: A minimum commitment of 5-6 hours per week is recommended for achieving the learning objectives.

Virtual option: A commitment of 4 hours to attend the workshop.

Special Notes

Accessibility and Usability Resource Site: Built by QM members for QM members, the site is your go-to resource for addressing key accessibility and usability concerns, including Universal Design, alternative text, video captioning, accessible MS Office products, and more. QM members can register for the site by logging into MyQM and selecting “Workshop - Register” in the side navigation.

Offered as Virtual Workshop for a Group:
Offered as Online Workshop for a Group:
Offered as On-Site Workshop for a Group:
Virtual or On-Site Group Session Fee with Membership:
$2000.00 (See details)
Virtual or On-Site Group Session Fee:
$2,500.00 (See details)