K-12 F2F: Designing an Engaging and Active Learning Environment (K-12 DEALE)

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K-12 F2F: Designing an Engaging and Active Learning Environment (K-12 DEALE)

Schedule a dedicated session of this workshop to be delivered on site (face-to-face). Focus on locating and vetting instructional materials that align with course assessments and engage students.
Course Length:
6 hours
Delivery Mode:
Face to Face
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Make your course active! During the six-hour, face-to-face workshop for your group of up to 25 participants, the ins and outs of finding and using the right instructional materials and tools are covered. Then, participants will learn to align them to learning objectives and course components. Participants apply these concepts in developing and/or reviewing their own course.

Learning Objectives
  1. Explain and apply the concept of alignment to your course.
  2. Explore resource sites and locate instructional materials that are in alignment with your learning objectives.
  3. Apply criteria for including instructional materials into a course.
  4. Explain different learning styles and the types of activities that can foster active learning.
  5. Analyze your own activities and determine how to incorporate active learning.
  6. Explore tools for engagement.


What Participants Need

A course to work on.

Synchronous Session Info

The fee for this on-site workshop covers up to 25 participants. To arrange on-site workshops contact QM's K-12 Program Coordinator. All onsite workshops require additional facilitator travel expenses and material shipping costs.

Offered as Online Dedicated
Offered as F2F Dedicated