Boost Quality in Online Course Design Through a For-Credit Class



 An instructional designer and Quality Matters (QM) Institutional Representative noticed an increase in the number of requests for several types of assistance with online courses across campus that tended to fall into one of four categories:

• A call from deans and chairs for more online courses. • An increase in demand from faculty and staff for assistance with instructional design and development. • A desire for wider adoption and implementation of QM standards in online courses. • A call for a for-credit course in online course design. She recognized that these needs might be addressed by implementing one unique solution that diverges from the typical faculty development. She created a graduate-level, for-credit, fully online course in which participants learn to design and develop online courses that will ultimately meet QM standards. Her intent and assumption was that graduate students who are teaching at the university would register for the for-credit class and design online courses that would be well positioned to meet QM standards. She was surprised to find that faculty and staff were registering for the course despite the extra time and trouble it required.
In this poster session, participants will view the basics of the for-credit class and the impact of the class on online course development and numbers of students who have access to online education at Ohio State.  They will have an opportunity to engage in a discussion of the challenges and benefits around offering this class as a for-credit course to faculty and staff on their own campus.
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