Choose Your Own "Edventure" 
CBE Pathways to Learning and Earning


LX design has become a major, innovative player when it comes to addressing the educational needs, demands, and skill gaps of today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce. Competency-based education (CBE) is a big part of this trend. CBE experiences—especially in online settings—continue to gain traction in learning environments throughout K–12 and higher education and in professional development and training programs. At the same time, the demand for instructional design and instructional technology professionals is also on the rise. Integrating online CBE education and instructional design/technology, LX Pathways offers an online “choose your own edventure” approach to acquiring beginning and advanced instructional design and instructional technology skills, with a focus on quality and leadership in the field. Join us in this session for an interactive and fun gamification session where it’s hard to get the answers wrong!

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Leah Chuchran-Davis
Whitney Kilgore
Penny Ralston-Berg