Cinderella's Glass Slipper: Creating Collaborative Relationships to Foster Student Success & Support


QM’s Online Learner Support Criteria 1 addresses the presence of “Direct and indirect support for online learners and should include remote access to academic advising.”  In this poster session, we will share a unique Graduation Team Model wherein collaboration between academic advising and faculty members foster the creation of proactive strategies that provide an individualized best-fit (“glass slipper”) student support plan. Online faculty members of entry level courses are uniquely responsible for acclimating the student to online learning while helping them to thrive and overcome the unique set of challenges faced by each new student.  Non-traditional students bring to the online classroom vastly different life experiences, learning history, and current challenges.  One-size support will not scaffold them to success.   Faculty and advisors must collaborate to find the glass-slipper that is the best-fit for each student. We will present the glass slipper approach for new students. We will also look at the importance of collaborating with academic advising when faced with the challenge of the glass slipper “not fitting.”  Poster session participants will leave with strategies to help create successful collaborative relationships with academic advising to help foster a culture of student success and individualized student support for online learners.

Three Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how a Graduation Team empowers faculty and advisors to find a best-fit for student support
  2. Outline best practices for faculty and advisors to create a best-fit plan for student support
  3. Identify ways to overcome collaboration challenges between faculty and academic advising
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Dr. Marva
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