Competency-Based Assessments and Course Development with QM as Guide


Our institution is a large, multi-campus college with five-years experience implementing QM, many QM certified courses, and a template-based process for developing credit courses that meet QM standards.  Now, we are facing the challenge of implementing some of the most recent trends in American distance education such as MOOCs and Competency-based Education.  Can the QM Higher Education Rubric be used to guide the design and development of competency-based assessments, learning units, and credit courses for an IT program? Can QM's design standards be adapted to guide us through this process?

The presenters will share their experience,  results, and findings from designing and developing a competency-based program  redesign project funded by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College  and Career Training (TAACCCT ) grant from the United States Department of Labor. The purpose of the grant is to adapt Western Governors University's competency-based model to accelerate completions in some IT programs.

Although the  presenters will share all aspects of this new initiative including background and scope of the redesign project, training for faculty, staff, and  administration, the design and development process, scheduling and roll-out, course delivery, and student completion rates, one of the main focuses is how the QM Higher Education Rubric has been helpful in designing and developing the competency-based program. 

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