Liberty, Learning, and Living Documents


OSU EHE EdTech Instructional Designers have created a unique document that has come out of professional development and has led to other professional development opportunities. As the components of the syllabus module of a Course Revision Seminar continued to be developed, I asked myself what would be the most beneficial to assist the faculty to create the most QM compliant syllabus. I highlighted each specific standard that is applicable to the development of a syllabus. Upon the development of this document, it was also decided that we would incorporate a document the EHE Curriculum committee had created in 2005 called the 11 Parts of a Syllabus. The 11 Parts had some of the typical bits of information; however, it was missing many aspects that would be necessary for online or hybrid learning environments, such as netiquette. I thoroughly revised this document with QM standards in mind as well. After reviewing both the highlighted version of the QM Public Rubric and the 11 Parts document, it became clear that they needed to be joined as one document and converted into a checklist. The checklist causes the document to be a living document of sorts, and it has been named the QM-11. The faculty members have the opportunity to enroll in the CRS and the QM 12 Step (adapted from NM State) to obtain more information and knowledge on QM. This QM-11 was incorporated into the CRS and was supplemented with research reports and publications to assist the faculty in their understanding of the various components. We will continue to gain feedback from the faculty on their experiences with the QM-11 document, and we will continue to report what we find and make the necessary adjustments as time goes on. The current plan is to make major revisions every time the QM Rubric updates.

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