A Professional Development Program for Faculty Teaching Blended and Online The Online Course Improvement Program



This presentation will discuss a professional development program that blends formats and technologies, including using the Quality Matters framework for course design, to provide professional development (PD) for faculty teaching blended and or online courses. Six years of evaluation data clearly show the influence of the program is growing in both total and unique number of participants as well as attracting wider participation across six college and branch campuses.  Faculty and student feedback on course evaluations indicate redesigned blended and online courses are having a positive impact on engagement and learning. Additionally, in developing, implementing, improving, and evaluating the program, the team has learned some valuable lessons worth sharing concerning programming, support, mentorship, and implementation of Quality Matters on our campus.  The framework, processes, content, strategies and technologies for delivering blended professional development as well as successes, challenges, impact and lessons learned will be shared. Handouts and other resources including pre-program planning processes, development of checklists for online course designers based on the Quality Matters standards, example timelines, and online open resources will be shared.

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