Program Title: Through the Looking Glass: Examining QM through Different Lenses in the development of an online EMBA



In this session, a case study of online program development and implementation of the QM process from inception to review is presented.  The importance of leveraging university, college and faculty support at all stages of development, delivery and review are specifically addressed.  Best practices as well as hurdles encountered are discussed. Through the collaboration of all groups, a nationally ranked program (Top 25 Online EMBA programs by US News and World Report) was developed, delivered and maintained using the QM framework.

The Online Executive MBA (EMBA) program was launched in the fall semester of 2010. The program was formerly offered in a face-to-face format and had to be converted online delivery.

Given the importance of institutional reputation and the competitive nature of the distance learning market, it was essential that the Online EMBA program meet the same high standards as the face-to-face program. Therefore, three instructional designers and two multimedia designers were dedicated to develop the online courses.

The biggest obstacle during the inception of the online program was identifying faculty interested in developing the online courses.  The College administration hand-picked innovative teachers to participate in the program development. 

The decision to conduct institutional QM reviews required buy-in from faculty. The College solicited faculty members to serve as reviewers.  Before becoming reviewers, the faculty needed to be certified by QM in Applying the Rubric (Phase I training) and Peer Reviewer (Phase II training).  Faculty were provided an incentive of $2,500 if they completed both Phase I and Phase II training and agreed to serve as an in-house  peer reviewer. To date, eighteen faculty have been trained.

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