Quia As an Online Classroom to Improve Teaching and Learning


Quia is a web tool for quintessential instructional archive and provides a wide variety of tools that are used by teachers. It is a popular platform for educational activities for teaching and learning for all areas of education. Also, Quia includes different kinds of online activities by using the teacher’s content, an online testing system that has immediate feedback, online surveys, a class webpage, and access to many free shareable activities.

Teachers can create their own learning games or use the free shareable learning activities in the classroom. There are templates for creating 16 types of online games and learning activities using teachers’ content such as matching, concentration, word search, flashcards, challenge board, columns, hangman, patterns, jumbled words, ordered list, pop-ups, scavenger hunt, cloze, rags to riches, and battleship (Quia.com, 2016).


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