Reengage the Digital Learner


Due to the misfortune of the current pandemic, obtaining student engagement has become an extremely difficult endeavor. So how do we cope when our once effective delivery methods are no longer keeping our students engaged? Considering how the pedagogy relates to the student experience during this pandemic, is extremely important in the process of developing opportunities to transform passive encounters to active and meaningful experiences.

Incorporating active learning strategies in your pedagogy is a useful method to encourage student engagement with their peers, content and instructor. Active learning methods also encourage opportunities for students to obtain a sense of community, develop creative thinking skills and are excellent in their ability to increase retention. This session will explore some interesting activities and tools which support different active learning strategies in the virtual environment. These activities will promote the reengagement in digital learning through activities such as hosting a game show, brainstorming using shared collaborative spaces, playing Pictionary, or having a scavenger hunt. The possibilities of active learning strategies are only limited by our own imaginations.

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Ron Friedman
Amanda Taylor

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