The Role of Quality in Promotion and Tenure


What constitutes excellence in teaching for university faculty when they are expected or required to create and teach high quality online courses? This is a question
that will increasingly be asked of members of promotion and tenure committees as market pressures demand entire degrees be delivered online. Developing
a high quality online course is a significant commitment in time and effort and frequently requires learning new skills and pedagogical methods. Increasingly,
faculty are pressured to make this commitment, yet it may not be valued in their promotion and tenure (P&T) process. “The Role of Quality In Promotion and Tenure"
will share the results of a survey and interviews conducted across multiple disciplines at several higher education institutions about how developing and teaching
a high quality online course factors into assessment of that faculty member’s progress towards promotion and tenure. The research will be conducted in spring
and summer 2016 by a team of faculty and staff members. Findings about how quality in online is being measured as part of P&T, as well as strategies and
resources, will be shared. Our longer term project goal is to foster the recognition of faculty investment in developing and teaching quality online courses
as creative academic activities integral to the promotion and tenure process. This is an investment that will yield great long term value to both students
and our institutions.

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