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240 Things to Learn About Quality in Online Education: Secrets of a Collaborative Database

We developed a database where the consortium’s 19 institutions responded to 240 questions on sustainability and quality in online teaching and learning. We will show our Database of Online Learning Information (DOLLI) and discuss purposeful and strategic information sharing to improve our jobs and online programs.

Creating an Institutional Culture of Online Quality Assurance: Cross-Institutional Collaboration

QM implementation plans focus on building coalitions with various stakeholders and are led by a faculty task force. We plan to implement the QM process by utilizing LMS templates, one-on-one consultations, and internal course reviews. In addition, we provide opportunities for QM PD and recognition.

Ensuring Healthy Courses with QM "Plus": Supporting Equitable Online Course Design

CCCS is reimagining online learning across the state’s 13 community colleges. This session will address our efforts to expand the QM framework to incorporate DEI elements into the criteria for a “healthy course.” We will share resources, successes, and challenges related to promoting equitable online learning experiences.

Evaluating Online Course Quality using a Flexible Review Tool

Is your curriculum team assessing potential new courses, authoring your own, or reviewing existing content for updates? Our Course Planning, Design, and Review Tool can help! WVS created this tool in Google Sheets to help initially vet a mix of vendor, national, and local content. Participants will be invited to share their experiences with online course quality evaluation (all stages of this journey welcome!) as well.

Immersive Interactivity in Online Science Lab Courses: Designing Effective Educational Ecosystems

Elevate your course, administrative goal, or research agenda with the Immersive Online Content (IOC) Approach for evidence-based course design and delivery. Rooted in agentic active learning, explore interactive 360° Virtual Reality (VR) science labs and curated DIY avenues to implement IOC today!