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Course Building 101: One Module at a Time

Consistency in course design is paramount. A simple way to achieve this is through a course-building template that incorporates QM standards. The course template provides consistency for students as they navigate an online program. It also allows students to focus on content rather than navigation and will assist with persistence and retention rates. This session will explore a template that guides instructors/instructional designers in building a course using the "Course Building: One Module at a Time!" model course.

How to Make Your Course QM Awesome: Creative Quality Matters Applications

If you would like to see creative ways to implement the Quality Matters Rubric within your online learning environment, this is the presentation for you! We will explain and demonstrate how we applied the QM Standards within our QM Certified courses using SoftChalk, Doodle Schedulers, Google Drive, small group collaborations, Screen-Cast-O-Matic, YouTube, and more.  We have used these tools within our Math, Education, and English courses to improve student learning and engagement. 

Lost in Space

Effective learner engagement is not limited to traditional classrooms. Experience enriching adaptive strategies for online courses to promote student-student, student-content, and student-instructor interactions

Moving on Up: Using Websites for Teacher and Staff Training

The Online Training Tools for Cloud Community College site was created so teachers and staff at the college could easily access training information regarding Canvas, basic technologies and student help. It has accomplished those goals and has provided a springboard to launch staff and student email newsletters, giving the faculty college information, and upgrading the college’s technological abilities. This presentation describes the objectives of the site and  ways that a site such as this can benefit any program. 

Quality Matters @ NMSU

Because Quality Matters is a program which has received national recognition for its peer based approach to continuous improvement in online course design, lead support staff/faculty from each NMSU campus collaborate to exchange QM implementation ideas, communicate successes, and create connections. In this presentation, each campus will describe their own implementation plan, process, and experiences. Join Sharon, Sherrell, Nicole, and Krista to find out what’s happening at each of the NMSU campuses regarding QM implementation.

Quality Matters at the Core: Transforming PD Through Collaborative Curriculum Development

Panel Discussion:

This presentation will discuss how a large school district worked across departments to design secondary English and math courses.  The presentation will include tools and processes to insure alignment of Common Core State Standards, district Units of Study and Scope and Sequence, 21st Century Skills, NCAA requirements, and QM standards for on-line course delivery.  A protocol for collaborative on-line course development will be introduced.

The Integration of Quality Matters™ It Began With a Mentoring Program & a Course Design Matrix

The perception of Quality Matters at an institution can be instrumental in how quickly it is adapted. This presentation discusses how one institution integrated Quality Matters into all aspects of faculty mentoring, course design, and professional programming. During this presentation, we will discuss our mentoring philosophy, an Online Course Design Matrix that links course goals and objectives directly to assessment, and the integration of Quality Matters into our professional programming.