Attending QM Conferences

How can I show how much I love QM Conferences?
Make a video and use social media — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. — to tell your network and others following QM about your excitement to participate in or present at a QM Conference.

How does attending a QM Conference help my organization?
When you participate in a QM Conference, you gain valuable insight and concrete ideas to take back to your organization. If you need approval to attend a QM Conference, we have a few tips to help you communicate how participating in a QM Conference can benefit your professional practice and your organization.

What are the registration fees for QM Conferences?
Registration rates for participating in QM Conferences vary depending on whether you attend the spring conference or the QM Connect Conference. You can get the best rate by having a current QM Membership, registering during Early Bird and reserving a hotel room in the QM room block for in-person events.