2015 Annual Conference

Remember the QMCs!

We're all about continuous improvement!  How can QM serve you more effectively?  QM Coordinators are invited to attend this interactive session to learn about and discuss new and planned enhancements to subscriber tools, processes and resources.  The session is an opportunity to share your ideas directly with QM leaders responsible for implementation.

Not So Lone Stars: Connecting the Global #QMmunity Using Social Media

A lack of resources - both funding and peer support - continues to be a barrier for institutions transitioning from traditional classroom structures to online or hybrid forums.  We know that faculty collaboration, both institutionally and nationally, is key to successful delivery change.  How can we use our existing resources to provide scalable and sustainable tools to support faculty with this delivery change?

Course Review Manager's Toolbox

Looking for ideas to streamline communication, increase productivity and save time? Come and take a peek inside this course review manager’s “toolbox” to see what tips, tools and strategies are used to organize and manage data, deadlines, and reviewers during each busy review cycle. By using templates, free web tools, and automation, it is possible to streamline data management tasks and processes. Not just for course review managers, this session will be of interest to anyone looking for ideas, tools and techniques that will save time and increase productivity.

Participation in QM Professional Development and Its Impact on Face-to-Face Teaching

Quality Matters conducts multiple professional development workshops aimed at improving online course design. Workshop participants who also teach face-to-face often report that their workshop experiences have had a beneficial effect on their face-to-face teaching. This session will present preliminary results from a research project that investigated ways in which participation in a QM professional development program has had an impact on an instructor's teaching across different delivery formats.

Closed Captioning Matters: Enhancing Accessibility and Improving Learner Experience in Online Learning

At many institutions, closed captioning in online courses is provided on an as-needed basis in response to an accommodation request. Given recent litigation, growing student diversity in higher education, and the potential benefits to all learners when instructors employ universal design methods, closed captioning should, in our estimation, be a standard feature in online courses.