2014 Annual Conference

Incorporating Fun: A Gamification Framework Aligned with QM

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) Center for Online Learning, Teaching and Technology has developed and implemented a gamification framework, which applies best practices and Quality Matters principles to their online and hybrid courses. The framework provides a means of using such items for storytelling, achievements for badges, and clever application of adaptive release within learning modules. Join us to learn how to apply game thinking, game elements, and game mechanics into non-game environments.

Quality Matters at the Core: A Roadmap for Collaborative Online Course Development

This conversation provides a snapshot of how the Quality Matters Rubric provides a foundation for the development of high quality secondary education online courses. In support of this process, tools and strategies have been created to promote collaboration, team building and ongoing learning, while the district  implements Common Core State Standards instructional strategies.    Attendees will hear about challenges, lessons learned, and strategies from those involved in the development of these courses.

Using Quality Matters to Design and Assess Online Courses...We've Got Buy In!

Presenters will discuss and demonstrate implementation of QM Standards and best practices in online courses; describe efforts to educate faculty on the application of QM and best practices; and discuss efforts to train and encourage faculty to be Peer Reviewers.  We will also cover the challenges faced by a large community college in incorporating QM in its quality assurance process for delivery of online courses, and discuss the decisions encountered while implementing an internal QM-based peer review process.