2017 QM Connect Conference

Quality Talk: To Know Where You Are, It Helps to Know Where You Were: Why Maps Are Vital for Sound Assessment

Cartographers can't have all the fun! Learn and better understand how alignment starts and stops with the clarity of curriculum maps and the assessment tools to measure accuracy and drive continuous curricular improvement.

After this session, participants will be able to . . .

Describe the relationship between assessment and curriculum mapping.

Co-presenters: Dr. Melissa Burton-Williams and Dr. Peggy Simpson

Quality Talk: Standardizing the Standards! A One-Stop-Shop for General Standard 7

The journey from a "No Template LMS Template" to a "One-Stop-Shop": the trials, errors, and progress in continuous improvement for meeting General Standard 7 Learner Support - plus a few others - in all courses in a multi-campus institution.

After this session, participants will be able to . . .

Identify strengths and weaknesses of a one-stop-shop approach to General Standard 7 Learner Support.

Quality Talk: The Hidden Power of Alignment in Quality Matters Standards

This five-minute presentation will help you visualize how alignment has the power to make visible the interconnection between outcomes, materials, assignments, and assessments, providing fluidity to the design process and structural integrity to the final product.

After this session, participants will be able to . . .

  1. Identify the QM Standards that require alignment.
  2. Visualize alignment as an organizational structure that lends to coherent course design.
  3. Describe the benefits of alignment.

Quality Talk - Cornerstones of Quality: A Departmental Initiative to Improve Online Course Quality

The "Cornerstones of Quality" initiative addresses a lack of formal standards for our online courses, while also establishing standards to evaluate online faculty performance. Our four "Cornerstones" include Quality in Design, Course Management, Course Content, and Online Preparedness.

Quality Talk: Creating Readable, Accessible Visual Design That Meets Standard 8.4

This introduction to easily implemented, accessible design strategies will help you meet the needs of students with disabilities and improve the user experience for all students by making smart decisions about headings, font style and size, white space, and contrast.

After this session, participants will be able to . . .

Identify accessible visual design strategies.

Quality Talk: Get a Twitter Account, Join the #QMConnect Conversation

Twitter is the largest Professional Learning Network in existence, and we need to get QM attendees plugged in. What does #QMConnect mean??? Come find out and learn how to keep up to date with @QMProgram all year long. We will also discuss whom to follow, Twitter tips, and more. Join the #QMConnect discussion.

After this session, participants will be able to . . .

Pathways to Excellence: A Reflection on How Connections Enrich Learning

Actual pathways expedite transmission along a given route, whether a trail through the forest, the organizational chart in a company, or the synergy that occurs when two or more concepts align. Connections are the true foundation of learning. In this session we'll explore the connections that motivate learners, advance concepts, and integrate learning systems and how these connected pathways contribute to enriching the foundation for learning.