K-12 New To Online Teaching Series

Moving beyond Emergency Remote Learning in a pinch — the good, the bad and the ugly — requires a plan. If you or your team have decided that now is the time to purposefully move forward, providing quality online learning courses, this set of workshops will help by laying the foundation of quality design. Get the support you need to succeed and set students — and your institution — up for success. These online, facilitated and asynchronous workshops feature hands-on activities and assessments that are research-supported and based on best practices. And, you'll get the feedback you need to move forward with confidence.

Faculty who complete this package will be able to: 
  1. Apply considerations, tips, and actionable strategies from QM’s Emergency Remote Instruction Checklists to guide their remote instruction
  2. Use proven best practices to provide orientation and support to learners
  3. Promote interaction and active learning through engaging learning activities 
  4. Use the principle of alignment to create a course plan or map for developing or redesigning an online course

To set up dedicated sessions for one or more of these workshops, please contact QM's Professional Development Registrar or complete the form on this page. Discounts for 10+ enrollments may be available. You can also look for open enrollment sessions on the QM Professional Development schedule.

Please note — the Building on Remote Instruction Successes: A Roadmap to Quality free webinar is only available as a dedicated session for institutional purchasers of this package.

Fee with Membership
$195 per workshop
$250 per workshop
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Before starting these workshops, you'll want to engage with the following: