2018 CHLOE 2 Report

The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE): A Deeper Dive

CHLOE 2 2018 report cover

QM and Eduventures have teamed up to conduct a multi-year study to examine the changing landscape of online education, provide results to those who can use them and help those involved with online education place their institution within a broader context and possibly influence strategic decisions and organizational changes. Please complete the form on this page to gain access to the 2018 CHLOE 2 Report.

The first and third iterations of this research project are also available for download:

CHLOE 1 (2017) examined how institutions managed funding, developing programs, conducting quality assurance, making technology investments and managing innovation as online learning becomes mainstream.

CHLOE 3: Behind the Numbers (2019) reveals new insights on institutional approaches to online learning and offers five models for understanding them.

Read the article “Assessing the State of Online Learning: Diving into the CHLOE Surveys” by Dr. Ron Legon for a synopsis of the three reports from the Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) surveys that were published from 2016-2019.

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