What are the minimum technology requirements for participating in QM professional development?

Online Courses and Workshops

Participants enrolled in an online course or workshop must have reliable access to a computer and high-speed Internet access. Other requirements include:

  1. Computer Requirements: 
    • Browser and Computer Requirements: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. See What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas? for more details. 
      • Courses and workshops requiring use of the QM Course Review Management System (CRMS): Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.
    • Screen Size: Canvas is best viewed at a minimum resolution of 800x600. Canvas recommends using the Canvas mobile app if you want to view Canvas on a device with a smaller screen. The app is called Canvas Student and is available for Android or Apple devices.
      Important: Some course/workshop materials are best viewed on a standard computing device, and there may be activities that require the use of tools that are only available on standard computing devices.
    • Ability to access Google Docs: if your institution restricts access to Google Docs, please work with your IT department, contact your facilitator, and/or access the Google Docs from a personal computer.
    • Microsoft Word
    • Accessibility: See What are the Canvas accessibility standards? for supported screen readers and browsers and other features.
  2. Internet Speed: Minimum bandwidth of 8 Mbps upload/download speed
  3. Listening & Speaking: Speakers or headphones can be used to listen to videos (closed captions are available).

Virtual Workshops

See Zoom System Requirements. QM Live! and virtually delivered workshops may require participants to use a headset. Check the webpage for the workshop or contact your facilitator for details.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Computer and internet access required.