2018 East Regional Conference

Change the Game! Using Adobe Connect and Rubrics to Deliver Hybrid Quality in Your Online Course

"Changing the Game" means interacting with students in an imitation of a hybrid format to enhance learning.  Using Adobe Connect sessions gives insight on common problems the professor has seen in past courses.  Rubrics are used to teach the students how they can directly affect their grade by checking for all requirements using the same "tool" the professor use to grade.  My courses start with a welcome video and Adobe Connect sessions for credit.  The Adobe Connect sessions feature talking points so that students get an interactive overview of the course purpose and st

Faculty Perspectives on the Gold Review as a QM-Based Faculty Professional Development Model

Towson University's Gold Review Process enables faculty-centered, collaborative peer-reviews of online courses using a customized version of the QM Rubric. In this session, the Director of Distance Education and four faculty members (Family Studies, Health Professions, and Mathematics) who served as Reviewers will share (1) how the Gold Review Process has progressed since its inception in 2015, including plans to scale up in 2018; (2) reflections on becoming certified peer reviewers; and (3) reflections on serving as Gold Review Team members within our institution. 

Developing Online Discussion Forums to Promote Higher-Order Thinking

Alignment is critical from a Quality Matters standpoint and also essential for assessment purposes.  A sound course design begins with measurable outcomes and alignment of coherent activities to provide students with quality learning experiences.  This session concentrates on student success by combining QM and assessment topics as the facilitators discuss challenges, needs, and emerging solutions to engage graduate education students in their online discussion forums.  In this session, facilitators discuss research on online discussion forums and assessment

Session Title: Beyond the Buzz: Recent Research on Hot Topics in Online Learning and Quality Assurance

 It sometimes feels as though we are awash in a sea of research on online learning. Of course, QM and those who are interested in quality assurance want to know not only the tools and techniques available for online education but their role in creating a quality online learning experience - and what the most recent research has indicated about this.

Dipping Our Toe into Multi-Media - A Faculty and Instructional Designer Collaboration Success Story

Over the past year, a faculty member and instructional designer at the Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University, have been working together to incorporate more weekly multi-media into his courses. We worked on both faculty produced videos while collaborating with a video production specialist, and on student produced videos using the multi-media tool Practice (ApprenNet). This session will discuss our collaborative process and the successes and challenges we faced.

Accessibility Culture: Using Quality Matters to Support a Campus Culture of Accessibility

Our university has approached accessibility as a something that should be part of the campus culture.  Quality Matter course reviews provide an opportunity to use Quality Matters Rubric Standard 8 as a means of solidifying the concept of accessibility being something that is part of the fabric of campus rather than something that only occurs when asked or required to do so.  The university began using Quality Matters course reviews approximately two years ago.