Sharing Your QM Achievements: Presenting at QM Conferences

When you present at a conference, your work is shared with others who have the same passion and dedication to ensuring quality for learners as you do. But that’s just the beginning. Presenting at a QM Conference opens up many opportunities for you to share your work — to maximize the positive impact.

Once selected to present at a conference, you’ll want to promote your presentation early and often. So how do you share what you’re doing? We have some ideas!

Getting Started

Start by uploading your conference materials to our website. Be sure to enter the description information for the conference at which you are presenting. Now your presentation will be visible to everyone who visits our site looking for conference information. That’s a good start. If you need help or did not receive a link for your presenter account, please contact QM’s Event Manager, Beth Knapp.

Time to Get Social

Once your presentation is live on the QM site, you’ll be able to link to it from all of your social media accounts. Use your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to promote your presentation and create excitement for conference attendees. Worried about character count? Make a tiny URL for your link. Not only does this reduced character count, it increases usability. But what should you say? Here are some examples of effective posts on Twitter, FB and LinkedIn:




You can also share your presentations for QM Conferences on the QM Facebook page and event page. Let those who share your QM passion know what you’re up to!

And don’t forget to tag QM in your posts. You should always use @QMProgram when talking about your presentation on social media. If you’re presenting at our Regional Conference you can also use #QMRegionalConf and for QM Connect use #QMConnect.

Slide to Share

There are other websites that help you promote your QM Conference presentation as well. Use SlideShare or Prezi to host slide decks of your presentation where visitors can comment and share them. Don't forget to include the name of the QM Conference where the slide deck will be presented. You can also use this link to add the presentation to your LinkedIn profile, curriculum vitae or other digital platforms designed to help you share your professional accomplishments.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Have you heard? Video is in! From YouTube to Snapchat to Instagram, there are many platforms for video sharing. So why not capitalize on the trend, channel your inner Steven Spielberg and create a video touting your presentation? You can use screenshots from your presentation, a short video of you introducing what you'll present or even a recording of your session to create a video that can then be shared. You can even post it on your LinkedIn page, creating a professional memento of your accomplishment.  

Not sure you have time to create a video? We might be able to help. QM often webcasts sessions from the QM Connect Conference. If yours is chosen, be sure to ask us for the recording link a month or so after the conference. You can share it with your department, organization and professional network.

Logo Time

Did you know that you can use the QM Conference logos in your social media posts or in your email signature? It’s easy! Just right click on the logo for the conference you are presenting at to download/save the image on your computer. If you’re using it in your email signature be sure to add a line letting people know the name of your presentation and which conference you are presenting at. For example, "I'm presenting [name of presentation] at the QM Connect Conference — hope you can make it!"

Go Global by Staying Local

Start spreading the news by reaching out to your the marketing or communications department at your organization. Let them know about the acceptance of your presentation proposal, the details of what and when you'll be presenting, and then follow up to let them know how the presentation went. They may want to feature your news in any number of outlets including blogs, eNewsletters, printed communications, industry press, and more!

QM  Again

In addition to QM conferences, there are other opportunities to showcase your work to the QM Community. Your presentation might make a great QM Success Stories webinar or help the QM IDA with content for a Twitter Chat or ID Learning Exchange. If you'd like to do a QM Success Story, contact QM’s Registrar.

We hope that gives you some great ideas on how you can share the work you are doing and extend its impact. But we might have missed something. Let us know how you plan to promote being a QM Conference presenter or have already promoted it. Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or send us an email.