Addressing Universal Design, Beyond Standard 8


While QM Standard 8 addresses accessibility for vision and hearing differences, other QM Standards address a wider range of diverse learning and instructional accessibility needs.  This session will help faculty understand how different QM Standards help diverse students and show how QM helps to achieve good universal design.  While assisting those with vision and hearing differences is good practice, statistically there is a higher likelihood that students with other learning and cognitive needs are in our online classes.

This session will have two key parts: We will first look at students with non verbal learning disorders (also called Autism Spectrum Disorders) and their needs in online instruction.  We will match those needs back to QM Standards, discussing how QM helps instructors to design for these students.

As a final take away, this session will help those meeting resistance adoption of QM to demonstrate how QM helps to achieve universal design to help students with a wide array of learning abilities and situations.

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