Assuring Quality Through Development of Evidence Based Assessment Practices: Case study on the Value of Applying Assessment Data through Quality Matters Standards


This case study highlights the efforts of three distinct schools and colleges within Drexel to develop a sustainable and scalable comprehensive process to establish evidence based assessment practices. The process establishes rigorous and measurable cycles of learning through by using Quality Matters standards to align institutional, program and course level objectives to student learning outcomes. In addition, the paper illustrates the application of direct and indirect assessment towards developing interventions leading to quality student learning outcomes.

The three schools have been drawn together by their common work applying Quality Matters (QM) course design standards. With several QM standards tied to the alignment of course level objectives, module level objectives and learning activities to assessments, the natural progression is to map to program and university level outcomes. This process creates a complex matrix of learning that can be used to examine student learning outcomes, identify gaps and potential interventions via a micro (assignment) or macro level (university as well as a variety of points in the program which can be used to provide data informed decisions.)

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