Atta Girl/Boy: Acing Your Accreditation Review


Want to stand out at your institution?  Practical tips on how to have your accrediting body single your program out for praise and a significant accomplishment during your site visit.  Analyze the current state of your policies for Quality Matters reviews and generate a plan to position your institution for success.  Proven methods will be presented and the audience will participate by critiquing their current policies and procedures. 

Quality Matters was instrumental in all of the current policies, processes and procedures used to design, implement and review courses delivered online. This required a culture change that included moving from a faculty driven course creation process to a peer reviewed system that includes clear process for course design, development, implementation and review.  Originally online course creation was funneled through a central online learning office. Now, this has been decentralized to reflect a change in the culture where online learning is owned by everyone as it is no longer a “special” way to teach, but rather, a mainstream modality.  Everyone in the institution should have a basic working knowledge of online learning and how to deliver a class online using a learning management system.  This presentation will include an overview of the current policies and procedures used at an institution to develop, implement, and review courses delivered online which resulted in a significant accomplishment designation from the accrediting body during a recent site visit.  The goals of the presentation are to show best practices for administration of e-learning in an institution that is using a decentralized method for implementing e-learning.  This differs from the classic format where an institution has a central eLearning office.  In this case the separate divisions have control of each online course from design to assessment.  The audience will participate and evaluate their own processes and procedures when compared to the methods that were recently praised at this institution using checklists, a case study and audience discussion.

As a result of this session the learner will be able to: 

  • Analyze the current state of institutional policies surrounding the use of Quality Matters 
  • Compare and contrast policies, processes and procedures from the best practice case study to his or her own institution 
  • Generate a plan of action to position his or her institution for success during the accreditation process


  • Decentralization of e-learning 
  • Institutional culture change 
  • Processes and procedures

The audience will fill out a checklist for best practices for policies, processes and procedures. 

 The audience will discuss strategies to improve communication of policies, processes and procedures. 

 The audience will formulate a SWOT analysis of their own institution.

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